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Alloy Wheel Repairs

Our Refurbishment Service Starts from as little as £30.00

  • Complete Alloy Wheel refurbishment
  • Alloy Wheel Polishing
  • Aluminum welding- cracked alloy wheel repairs
  • Bent & buckled alloy wheel straightening
  • Tyre Air Loss Resolved
  • All Work Guaranteed

Autotech Centre have been repairing wheels for five years and have built a reputation for  first class service and high quality workmanship  - read on to find out more about how you can get your alloys refurbished by our technicians.

During an alloy wheel repair, damage is sanded to blend the repaired area with the rest of the wheel. Any major damage is filled in using a specialist resin to reconstruct the shape and contour of the wheel. The wheel surface is then scuffed to allow fresh paint to stick to it.

Paint colour is matched using a series of colour swatches, or by using the paint code from the manufacturer. This is then applied by spray gun before a clear lacquer is used to seal the wheel and give a high gloss finish. Infrared bake lamps then dry the alloy wheel. Once the paint is dry, the wheel is finally buffed to give a high gloss finish, leaving your alloy wheels refurbished and as good as new.

Please note that if we are asked to do a repair to a wheel, we will not refit a tyre we believe to be illegal or defective. Our customers’ safety is of paramount importance to us.